George Clinton (Parliament/Funkadelic) changed our lives + BONUS CD “ENLACE P-FUNK”


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In order to celebrate George Clinton's 80th birthday, we published the first book in Spanish/English language on the P-Funk universe. From Enlace Funk magazine, in the year of our 25th anniversary, we want to congratulate our mentor and undisputed influence: George Clinton aka Dr. Funkestein, who turned eighty years old last year.

A space and alien-like journey across the P-Funk galaxy, piloted by funk scholars Marcelo Chaparro Santana and Miguel A. Sutil, along with a crew of collaborators, members of the P-Funk posee, and personalities linked to Clinton & Co. This book is written in Spanish / English languages, and published in honor of Mr. Clinton and the Funk Mob. It features the album covers, historical context, fun facts, album reviews published over the 25-year life span of Enlace Funk magazine, an analysis of Parliament / Funkadelic lyrics, an essay on the P-artwork, a P-Funk glossary, and quotes by all who contributed to or benefited from such an endless cosmos.

Order your book now and you will enjoy a special offer, for a limited time, that includes a CD -a collector’s edition- unearthed from our funky vaults: “Enlace P-Funk” released in 1998. It is an exclusive compilation of cover versions by Spanish bands and soloists that revisited P-Funk all-time classics (Telefunken, Da Deck Doctor, Disky Wick, Kung Fu Master, Kapi, Egon Soda, Pan de Monos, Zeta & Guataque All Stars, La Familia Fulano, Chocadelia International, Watch TV, Mutual Cyclops, Super Skunk and RdeRumba). A must-have for any P-Funk lover.