George Clinton (Parliament/Funkadelic) changed our lives + BONUS CD “ENLACE P-FUNK”

PREORDER ESPECIAL. Release date november/decembrer 2021

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At Enlace Funk magazine, in the year of our 25th anniversary, we want to salute our mentor and influence: George Clinton aka Dr. Funkestein, who turns 80. To celebrate it, we are readying an outstanding gift where all his fans can take part of.

We are thrilled to announce the release of Enlace Funk Books’ second instalment: George Clinton (Parliament/Funkadelic) Changed Our Lives. A space, alien-like journey across the P-Funk universe, piloted by Marcelo Chaparro Santana and Miguel A. Sutil, along with a funky crew composed of collaborators, P-Funk members, personalities, and artists associated to Clinton & company. It will be the first book ever published in Spanish/English in honor of Mr. Clinton and P-Funk! It will comprise cover art, historical context, album reviews published over the 25-year life of Enlace Funk magazine, a cursory analysis of their lyrics, and quotes by people who contributed to the inception of the P-Funk cosmos.

George Clinton (Parliament/Funkadelic) Changed Our Lives will be a choral narration fans in english and spanish can join by submitting their groovadelic anecdotes. Send us your stories (to, and we will publish them in the book’s closing chapter: «Tales from the Mothership.»

We now launch our special PRE-ORDER campaign. By booking your copy you will enjoy a special offer for a limited time, it includes a CD -collector’s piece-retrieved from our archives: the Enlace P-Funk, originally released back in 1998, a vintage jewel! It is an exclusive edition featuring unreleased cover versions by national bands and artists revisiting P-Funk classic tracks (Telefunken, Da Deck Doctor, Disky Wick, Kung Fu Master, Kapi, Egon Soda, Pan de Monos, Zeta & Guataque All Stars, La Familia Fulano, Chocadelia International, Watch TV, Mutual Cyclops, Super Skunk, and RdeRumba).

The release date of this book is due November/December 2021. Besides, for those who purchase via this special PRE-ORDER we are preparing more special surprises. Stay tuned!