BOOK: "Quién es / Who Is Erykah Badu"?

BOOK: "Quién es / Who Is Erykah Badu"?

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¿Quién es/Who Is Erykah Badu? salutes the 25º anniversary of Queen of NeoSoul’s groundbreaking debut, Baduizm. A book written in English and Spanish that spans the life and legacy of an iconic diva. Creator, songwriter, lyricist, producer, DJ, and actress, Badu defines herself as «simply a mother»; secondly,a witch. In addition to these two archetypes, Miss Badu also describes herselfin interviews, songs, and concerts as a warrior, icon, teacher, healer, doula,explorer, artist, lover, and queen.

 In ¿Quién es/Who Is Erykah Badu? author Marcelo Chaparro Santana explores the complex career of a woman who has reshaped the landscape of music, technology in art, and African-American empowerment. Album by album, tour by tour, film by film, we will look into her career -and figure- from the perspective of the Jungian archetypes she has studied all along but in an interesting funky- psychological game that will unleash the colorful patchwork in a woman essential to fully understand Afro-American music history. Records, singles, fashion, philosophy, politics, religion, witchcraft, and soul. ALL ABOUT Erykah Badu in the first biography ever published in Spanish language and the second -and most updated- in English. A book that will cast a spell on you from page one.